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Raekwon At The Breakfast Club: Explains His Abscence On Wu-Tang 20th Anniversary Album

Raekwon stopped by The Breakfast Club recently, while there he explained why he didn’t record any verses for Wu Tang’s ¬†“A Better Tomorrow” 20 year anniversary album. During the conversation Rae also gave his opinion on Ghostface Killah’s appearance on Vh1’s “Couples Therapy,” current state of hiphop and a few other things. Check it out below :

Raekwon Breakfast Club

“at the end of the day, I work hard for my paper. I know that I’ma deliver and I’ma make sure that everything that I’m supposed to do I’ma do.” -Raekwon


Raekwon recently announced via Twitter that JD Era was a new edition to the Ice H2O team. Era and Rae came together on the “Nasty” instrumental to make “Dirty Water”. Check it out:



01 The Academy f. Kurupt, Raekwon & Kojoe – Samaryda
02 Paul Wall ft. Jay Electronica, Raekwon & Yelawolf – Live it
03 Rick Ross ft. Raekwon – Audio Meth
04 Wu Tang ft. Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson and Termanology – Meteor Hammer
05 Seven Nine – Saturday
06 Rapsody Feat. Raekwon – Black Diamonds
07 Bori Puro – Late at Night
08 Defenders of the Faith – Go Time
09 Ace Boogie – Yeah That’s Me
10 iLLA – BlakaBlaka
11 Raekwon ft. DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, The Game, Pharrell – Rock N Roll (Remix)
12 Red Cafe Feat. French Montana – Black Roses
13 N.B.S. Feat. Torae – With the Pen
14 SonReal – Scream
15 Sean Price – Most Recognized
16 JD Era – Ice H20
17 Rolls Royce Rizza ft. Young Cartoon – Irene
18 Celebrity Cell, Knokz, Logic – Smoke with Me
19 Boomie WOodz – Anotha Hood Song
20 Yung Trap Feat. Brisco – Hold Up
21 Gigg Feat. Z Nuff Star – Blowin Loud
22 Feezy – So Fresh So Clean
23 Capotil – I Love My Fukin Hater
24 Admiral – Forever Me
25 Vinnie D – Juicy
26 Kitchen F – 100 Bars of Death
27 Maff Test aka young Harvey ft. Jon Wain – Made Of
28 Thoth Feat. Raekwon – Make A Move

The well known Wu Tang general is releasing new material at a regular pace. “Snake Pond” is the latest release to hit the net. Rae seems to know his formula well and he sticks with it in this one; grimy head bangin’ beats, movie samples¬† and energetic story telling.

Find more videos by Raekwon.

Just spotted this over at Boston Hiphop Pages. This is a definite must see for Wu fans. Tickets are $25 in advance. Suggest you buy early!!



Remember when Ghost and Rae called out Biggie Smalls for bitin’ Nas’ album cover? Raekwon sat down with the Urban Daily and cleared all that up. Rae let the world know that it wasn’t that serious. Big looked him in the eye and let him know that it wasn’t a problem on his side either. This meeting happened in a club just a few days prior to Big’s death. Read the source article here.